Exercise Physiologist (Grad. Dip Clinical ExPhys, BSp&ExSci)

  • Pilates Matwork
  • Lungs in Action
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Neurological Rehab and Psychosocial Disorders
  • Sessional Lecturer: Professional Practice, Neurological Rehabilitation.

As the lead clinician, David aka Dave is driven to continue to provide successful outcomes for clients.

Enhanced Health has always been a dream, to provide exceptional services at a reasonable price and to deliver treatment programs that cure conditions rather than simply manage symptoms. He is renowned for working with complex neurological and rare diseases and combines assistive technology and new practices into evidence-based programs to facilitate success.

With an extensive career history in Private practice, Public hospitals and University Clinics, Dave will bring this vast experience to assist you with your health and wellbeing journey.

Cameron Sullivan

Exercise Physiologist (BClinExSc) ESSAM, AEP, AES

Specialised Preferences: Disability, Sports Training, Complex Conditions

Cameron Graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science and Event Management Minor and has since worked for Enhanced Health. He gained a passion for the industry following his grade 10 school-based work experience where he worked with the Roma Hospital Physiotherapists and loved everything involved in the job. Following his graduation as a boarder at Ipswich Grammar School, Cameron moved to the Sunshine Coast for University and have not left since.

If Cameron is not at work he can be found at any sporting arena as he has a serious passion for all sport. Along with his sport Cameron has a major interest in Disney and Pixar. If you want to know any weird and wonderful facts about either Disney or Pixar Cameron is your man to go to. Cameron will be the first to tell you that he can cook but won’t make you suffer the poor quality and would rather meet you out for a coffee or lunch somewhere.

Cameron thrives when challenged, if your needs and goals are out of the box or different and requires problem solving Cameron wants to be involved.

Having rehabilitated multiple of his own injuries Cameron understands what you are going through and how to help you through any situation.

There is never a NO with Cameron as anything and everything is possible with the right goals and training.

Nathan Brischetto

Exercise Physiologist (BClinExSc, ESSAM, AEP, AES)

Nathan joined the Enhanced Health Fitness Clinic in 2018 as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. He studied at Queensland University of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Prior to this he studied a Certificate 3 & 4 and Diploma in Fitness at the Australian Institute of Applied Science. Nathan has a special focus on Musculoskeletal Rehab and Neurological Conditions. After a shoulder surgery in 2009, Nathan developed an interest in post surgical rehab and saw the benefits of exercise for injury prevention.

Ethan Russell

Exercise Physiologist (BClinExSc, ESSAM, AEP, AES)

Bachelor’s degree Clinical Exercise Science

Growing up Ethan has always had a passion for being active and being involved in a multitude of sports, from motocross, soccer, squash, hockey and most recently Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

His passion for being active has led me into a career in rehabilitation and using exercise as medicine. Ethan has recently graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science. I have started working for Enhanced Health and Fitness Clinic as one of their Accredited Exercise Physiologists. Weight loss, cardiac rehabilitation, Injury rehabilitation, chronic disease and in particular osteoporosis are areas that I enjoy focusing my abilities on. I like creating professional relationships and look forward to helping people achieve their goals and optimal outcomes.

Jesse Sims

Exercise Physiologist (BClinExSc, ESSAM, AEP, AES)

Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Specialised Preferences: Rehabilitation, Chronic Disease Management

Following a childhood defined by track and field, Jesse developed an interest in knowing the why’s of movement and performance and how this leads to positive outcomes. Specifically, Jesse found a keen interest in muscular imbalances and chronic diseases and applied this knowledge to assist in improving health outcomes, independence and quality of life in all her patients.

Jesse graduated as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist from the Queensland University of Technology. During her undergraduate degree, Jesse experienced many challenging and unique presentations across all clinical domains, but one that was of most interest was in the neurological field. Here at Enhance Health, Jesse continues to deliver evidenced based physical therapy interventions to all her clients which has seen her achieve many positive improvements in physical and cognitive function, improved wellbeing and overall quality of life.

In order to maintain the succinct delivery of evidence-based interventions, Jesse is also currently pursuing further postgraduate studies in performance physiology. This study will enhance her clinical skill set and provide a blended approach for all clientele at Enhanced Health and beyond.

When not in consultations, you will find Jesse running somewhere. She believes in movement as an opportunity for something great and facilitates this through fun and interactive sessions.